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Florida FGT's Services

Fast Growing Tree Applications

We advise forest and agricultural landowners on various aspects and applications of fast-growing Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Populus,

Taxodium, and Pinus species.   

Forest Genetic Resources

We arrange genetically superior planting stock  of 

E. grandis (cultivars and 5th-generation seedlings), E. amplifolia (2nd-gen seedlings), C. torelliana (2nd-gen seedlings), bald and pond cypress  (1st-gen seedlings),  cottonwood clones, and slash pine hybrids.

Statistical Consulting

We plan, conduct, and analyze research studies such as

Green Carbon Solutions' biochar field trials. 

We also advise on a range of statistical topics.

Quantifying and Forecasting

Bamboo Production in Florida

We plan, conduct, and analyze inventories of

Asper bamboo farms in central and southern Florida

Vacation Rentals

We book your accommodations at vacation resorts in popular US locations such as Orlando, Daytona Beach,  Gatlinburg, and Colorado,

as well as worldwide.


E. grandis


Seed Orchard

E. grandis and

C. torelliana 


C. torelliana 


Seed Orchard

E. amplifolia 

Seed Orchards

E. amplifolia 

Seed Orchards

E. grandis



Phytoremediation of Reclaimed Water -

1.75-year-old E. grandis

Windbreak Projects

Water Conserv II

Citrus Windbreak

E. grandis/

C. torelliana

Windbreak - 5 years

E. grandis/

C. torelliana

Windbreak - 2.25 years

Biochar Research

Research Planning

Eucalyptus Productivity

Growth Modelling


Seed Orchard

Senator Cypress

Slash Pine Hybrid


Florida Bamboo Inventory System

for the

Florida Bamboo Growers Association



Five widely tested Eucalyptus grandis (EG) cultivars for southern, central, and even northern Florida

EG seed for southern and central Florida from a 5th-generation seedling seed orchard

E. amplifolia seed from a 1st-generation and two 2nd-generation seedling seed orchards

Corymbia torelliana seed from 1st-generation and 2nd-generation seedling seed orchards

Several well-tested cottonwood clones for central and northern Florida and the Southeast

Baldcypress and pondcypress seed from a 1st-generation seedling seed orchard

A cypress hybrid clone

Slash pine hybrids for southern Florida


To find out what species is right for a particular application, check the chart below.

Species Codes: Eucalyptus amplifolia (EA),

E. grandis  (EG),  Corymbia torelliana (CT), cottonwood (PD), cypress (TD), slash pine hybrid (EH).  


Application                                        EA     EG    CT    PD    TD    EH

Mulchwood                                         X       X                          X       X      

Pulpwood                                            X       X                 X                X   

Posts/Poles                                                  X        X                         X   

Lumber                                                          X        X                X       X  

Medium Density Fiberboard           X       X         

Energywood                                       X       X        X      X                 X  

Phytoremediation                             X       X                 X    

Windbreaks                                        X       X        X                          X   

Ethanol/Diesel/Jet Fuel                  X       X                 X                 X  

Biochar                                                X       X        X                          X   

Carbon sequestration                      X       X        X      X        X       X   

Charcoal                                              X       X        X    

Honey                                                  X       X        X    

For example, E. grandis (EG) is suitable for all  applications.                

When grown as short rotation woody crops (SRWC), EA, EG, PD, and TD can be harvested initially in 4 years or less and, through coppicing, several times thereafter without replanting.


Dr. Donald L. Rockwood, President of Florida FGT, has over 30 years of experience on the development and use of Eucalyptus amplifolia (EA), E. grandis (EG), Corymbia torelliana (CT), cottonwood, cypress, and slash pine hybrids in Florida and elsewhere.  Also Professor Emeritus at the School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, in Gainesville, he was responsible for the genetic improvement of several Short Rotation Woody Crop (SRWC) species, including the commercial release of five EG cultivars, and the development of SRWC systems using EA, EG, and cottonwood.  He continues to conduct research on SRWCs and has published over 300 papers on SRWCs and related subjects.


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